Aluminium Profile LED Letters

The entry of LEDs into illuminating Sign Boards is a new dimension in the field of Signage Industry. Durability of signage is assured due to the worldwide improvement in LED sector as the future lightning sector is depends only on LEDs. The few limitations of Neon signs pave the new path and growth for LED signs.

The attractive LED signage at the floor level glowing is good.

The LED signage Boards are very energy efficient and having a life of more than 10 years.

The power consumption is very low. LEDs are weather and water proof and maintenance free. LEDs works on minimum volts comparing to neon with much higher voltage.


Internationally LED signages are made out of Aluminum Profiles. The reason for profile letters is due to perfection and giving more lighting. The Indian conventional Acrylic Box Type letters are made with Manual Heat Process Bending .The Acrylic letters are lossing their Chemical properties and get tempered while heating.

The Possibility of breakage is possible while maintained is done. The dust & Insects inside the Acrylic side channel is visible and become ugly in the due course. Also the front facing of Acrylic show the Black colour joints with acrylic side channel.

The light emitting from LEDs are split the lighting in the side acrylic channel. But the aluminum profile letters are transmitting the 100 percent light to the front facing. Inside Alumimum profiles are also works as a reflector to the front facing.

Finally the Image of the letters are perfectly readable and give the real and perfect image.

Mini Letters

Mini Acrylic letters for interior and exterior signages. These letters are CNC carved for 3 dimensional looks provides brilliant illumination. This looks like a solid glowing letters.

Resin Letters

The characteristic of resin letter is good lighting diffusion and high brightness. Resin letter are widely used for excellent visual effect. The corporates branding with their colours is possible only by Resin letters.