Wood Carvings

A lovely dream house with glazed tiles, colourful' paintings, chandelier lights beautiful garden and carved wooden furniture's & doors of their taste and imagination. Of the above all are possible except wooden work as our imagination with carpenter does not match because it may not reach carpenter fully. Nowadays Architects also reluctant to undertake the work also. The depth, height, precision always at a different level for the both. Though good carpenter to do this things become rare.

Now we bring a new software to fulfil the customers.

Now we bring a new software to fulfil the customers. We can create thousands of flowers, designs and antique patterns and fit the designs wherever you want. We can show a 3 Dimensional Door or furniture in a colour monitor. After the entire satisfaction of depth, height and pattern we digitalise the drawing. This Digitalised programme transferred to CNC Router machine This machine in turn convert the wooden plates in unimaginable manner with precision to the imaginary design what we have planned. Now we can see the face of customers with entire satisfaction.

This is s new machine which definitely change the entire wooden carving work within 3 to 4 years and we will become pioneer and expert in this area.